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RSV Voices #LittleLungs

To connect empathetically with new parents of babies born prematurely while spreading awareness about respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), I combined clinical pediatric advice, expert advice and real survivor stories.

The ask


RSV is one of the leading causes of childhood hospitalization worldwide, and particularly dangerous for premature babies, whose little lungs and immune systems aren't yet fully developed. Fortunately, armed with the right tools and education, parents and caregivers can play a major role in helping protect their child. But connecting with parents after their fragile babies are already in the hospital can be challenging. This is why RSV awareness became a main focus for the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI). 


The result


An inspiring multimedia campaign filled with 20+ authentic patient stories and dozens of expert interviews, translated in 7 languages shared with families around the globe and in international health conferences.

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Why personal stories?


  • A key insight we learned was that hospital staff often struggled to establish a connection with parents enough to motivate them.  Drawing from my experience as a storyteller, I know a great way to make a lasting impact is through authenticity—by sharing experiences of other parents or caregivers who have been in their shoes.

  • Storytelling also allows parents to learn more about RSV in a more personal setting, connecting on social with other caregivers or parents to learn more from them on their own time versus in a hospital.

  • It’s memorable and shareable. This connected to ECFNI's mission to spread awareness by also empowering and amplifying the voices of those who have faced the hardships following RSV.

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