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XHANCE relaunch campaigns

Chronic nasal congestion and polyposis can deprive patients from living a multisensorial life, limiting their abilities to fully experience reality. 

Our campaign objective was to connect to healthcare providers through emotion, motivating them to provide true relief with XHANCE: the only treatment that can reach inflammation at the source to help patients return to their senses.


Under the constraints of COVID-19 regulations, our concepts had to be executed completely through Photoshop—which inspired us to create a dreamlike world that illustrates the patients' feeling of isolation. 

Because of its strikingly memorable visuals and my humorously empathetic copy, our concept was selected for the XHANCE 2022 national healthcare professional campaign. It is currently under production and being developed in a variety of assets.

Probably polyps

Another concept I pitched highlighted the insight that nasal polyps—while the root cause of so many bothersome symptoms—often go under-diagnosed. Many primary care physicians and allergists may not be able to see nasal polyps at a routine scan, so symptoms continue. 

Clients loved this idea too, so we are also building a mini campaign for PCPs and allergists.

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